18th December

There has been a change in the submission deadline related to:

1.    TA22 – Part Time Self Employed - Section 90A (7)(b) of the Income Tax Act(Cap123)
2.    TA24 – Rental Income - Article 31D of the Income Tax Act

The deadline, for these submissions, has been changed to four months following the end of the respective year.  This means that TA22 and TA24 have now to be submitted by 30th April 2019.

12th October

Paul Bugeja launches this website as part of a branding excercise that is aimed at giving the Paul Bugeja company a brand identity that is recognisable and that portrays the scommittment that the company pledges to it's clients.

This website was designed and developed by General Informatix Ltd. Content was provided by Paul Bugeja.



Paul Bugeja assists clients, including both individuals and companies, in tax planning and compliance with local tax legislation. 






Paul Bugeja also offers a myriad of secreterail services. These services complement the other services provided by Paul Bugeja to offer a more holistic approach if the client requires it.



Audit and Assurance

Paul Bugeja provides audit and assurance services to Limited Liability companies to ensure and enhance business performance.  Locally based companies are obliged by law to have their financial ...




Paul Bugeja offers personalised consultancy services in the different areas of management with the aim of assisting clients in becoming more effective and efficient in their...